Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Can I Leave Packing Tape On Cardboard Boxes?

Corrugated boxes, more commonly referred to as “cardboard boxes”, have a long history.  The term “corrugate” means bent into curves or folds.

First invented as corrugated paper in 1856 by Edward Allen and Edward Healey, this material was the result of flat paper being fed through “a simple hand machine made of two fluted rolls”. The wrinkled paper was used to line the tall hats that men used to wear to keep them straight and upright.
In 1871, American Albert L. Jones used the fluted paper as packaging for wrapping such fragile items as glassware and bottles. It was in 1874 that a patent was obtained by American Olivier Long who invented the concept of adding a liner to one side of the corrugated paper to strengthen it. He then took it a step further and added paper to both sides.

“Finally, in 1890, Robert Gair, a printer in Brooklyn, New York, invented a corrugating machine that mass-produced pre-cut corrugated cardboard boxes for commercial use. Gair’s machine was the first to prefabricate folding corrugated boxes” used for packaging and shipping.

Today’s shipping process almost always involves some type of tape or adhesive. Does the tape have to be removed before throwing the boxes into your recycling? Not at all.

The recycling process of corrugated boxes involves churning it up with water to make a slurry. In this process, tape and paper labels will rise to the top and be skimmed off before the final product is sent to final buyers.

So you’re able to leave the labels and packing tape on corrugated boxes if you must. Recycling that corrugated box is the most important piece of that puzzle…the recycling process will take care of the rest.

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