Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Is Wallpaper Recyclable?

Much of the paper produced in the paper industry is recyclable, but wallpaper is not one of them.

Most wallpaper contains heavy amounts of dyes, inks and even fire retardants. Many types of wallpaper are also coated with a film-like layer of plastic to make them more durable and easier to scrub and keep clean. 

Many types of wallpaper come pre-pasted which means that there is already a thin layer of water-activated adhesive coated onto the wallpaper. This adhesive also makes the wallpaper non-recyclable. 

Even if the wallpaper that you have is not pre-pasted, the other additives are a factor in where it ends up at the end of its usefulness.

All of these additives change the overall make-up of the original paper rendering it a non-recyclable item.

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