Saturday, November 14, 2015

How Do I Prepare Items For Recycling?

Although most recyclable materials, such as plastic, aluminum, steel cans, paper, and glass are fairly widely known, some are still unaware of how to prepare these materials so they are ready to put into your recycling. 

1. Wash or rinse as much food residue out of all recyclables
2. Tear grease-filled parts of pizza boxes off and dispose of in the trash
3. Lids are fine to leave on plastic and glass containers
4. Labels are fine to leave on plastic and glass jars and bottles
5. Breaking down boxes is helpful but not necessary
6. Tear all important personal information off of junk mail

Keeping recyclables as clean as possible helps the commodities being sent to the world market for reuse to be as pure as possible. Keeping the contamination level of recyclables to a minimum helps keep prices for commodity bales high and the integrity of the raw materials pure to create the best products possible.

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  1. This article answered some questions I have had about recycling. I didn't know if I could leave the cap on plastic bottles. I'll have to remember that tips, so in the future I can remember to leave the caps on.

  2. nice and useful information sometimes we don’t think about these things and through these things in bin without thinking its benefits