Thursday, September 10, 2015

What Can Wood Pallets Be Recycled Into?

With a multitude of products being shipped around the world every day, used pallets are not hard to come by. Although they are reusable, eventually they reach the end of their life cycle.
What can be done with them then?

Aside from pallet projects and furniture being all the rage on Pinterest, old unwanted pallets can be ground and chipped up and made into animal bedding.
Compared with traditional animal bedding materials, such as wheat straw, hay, sawdust, and shavings, wood or straw pellets are less dusty, easier to store, highly absorbent, which makes them popular and excellent bedding material for equine, poultry, pen or caged animals & livestock and the most readily available on the market today.”

Pellets used for animal bedding are very similar to those used for home heating, but there are some differences in the pelletizing process. Bedding pellets are designed “specifically to expand into soft, dry bedding when exposed to moisture and are more absorbent and durable than fuel pellets.”

In the process of grinding up pallets and other wood for bedding, the nails used in attaching the pallet slats are magnetically sifted out making the final product safe for animals.

Regardless of the type of wood being recycled, reusing it is so much more beneficial than discarding it in the landfill.
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