Saturday, September 19, 2015

Are Potato Chip Bags Recyclable?

Potato chips are almost the number one snack food among Americans. All flavors and types.   According to Frito Lay’s website, “they say they sell about $12 million worth of potato chips so if you break that down into a general $3 per bag, that makes it about 4 million bags sold per year.

With so many bags of potato chips being sold each year, where should the empty bags go?
“Most potato and tortilla chip bags are made from aluminum laminated with polypropylene, also known as metalized polypropylene, or low-density polyethylene film.”  They generally are not recyclable in most cities since they are made of mixed commodities that cannot be separated.

Regardless of the bags that potato chips come in, they continue to be made up of two or more recyclable materials, making the bags not recyclable items by conventional standards.

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  1. Good post, that is some information which is not known to me. You did pretty good job by sharing this article. Going to bookmark your blog to read more such posts

  2. One less thing we can take to our local supermarket for recycling. Would make more sense for them to use commonly accepted recyclable materials. Reduce, Reuse, Reprogram :P