Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Can I Recycle My Old Cell Phone?

With the dramatic rise in cell phone sales within the past 5 years alone, the question of how to recycle or dispose of them has been brought to the forefront.

Electronic waste has also been somewhat of a dilemma lately. Some feel the definition of electronic waste is “anything with a cord”, while others feel that there are certain components of a product that make them hazardous.

It is estimated “that more than 700 million cell phones…have been discarded or are stockpiled awaiting disposal, with 130 million cell phones trashed in 2005 alone”, much less the last decade.

“Cell phones can contain more than 40 toxic chemicals and heavy metals. While there’s no evidence to suggest that these are dangerous to users, they are a problem when the phones are being made and after they are thrown away.”

If you are upgrading or simply getting rid of your cell phone, follow these easy steps:

1. Remove your SD card and any personal information
2. Set your phone back to factory default settings
3. Take your phone to a recycling plant specializing in Electronic Waste

It may seem like a small gesture considering cell phones are so small, but disposing of Electronic Waste is a huge step in saving the environment.

For more information on recyclable items visit www.wasteawaygroup.com.


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