Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are Flour Bags Recyclable?

Baking has been a pastime as much as a tradition in households across the globe for many generations. As necessity dictates, packaging that baking ingredients come in have changed and evolved.

These ingredients have come in everything from tins to sacks, to cardboard boxes. Some containers, however, have gone by the wayside due to environmental and ecological demands.

Flour that came in a large flour sack was ideal for the family who baked and cooked several times per week. The large, economical size made it easy to buy one sack that would last a number of weeks. Flour sacks had a place in history that would essentially be replaced with a paper sack or bag.

Although many brand names are on store shelves, some can make the claim of having not only 100% recyclable bags but having a respectable amount of post-consumer content in their packaging to begin with.

King Arthur flour, for example, boasts, “We can’t get around the need for properly packaging our flour and baking mixes, but we can make choices to lessen the environmental footprint of all those boxes and bags. Our mix boxes are made from 100% recycled paper with at least 35% post-consumer content. Because our flour bags come in direct contact with the flour, we can’t incorporate recycled content – but the flour bags use minimal paper and are 100% recyclable (and they make excellent wrapping paper!). “


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