Monday, December 12, 2016

Is Ceramic Recyclable?

Although most things with the right process are recyclable, conventional means of modern recycling
aren’t able to handle specific products, even if they are common, everyday products. Ceramics is one of these products.

Ceramics are essentially made of clay, whereas glass’ main component is silica or sand. Although glass is a type of ceramic, these two product types have very different recycling processes.

Ceramics are generally used for things like plates, coffee mugs, soup bowls, vases, and flowerpots. “They can be down-cycled, which involves grinding them up and dispersing the power into a slurry used to create other ceramics, but the resultant product is usually weaker than the original.”

Ceramic is generally a material that is better off reused or upcycled than recycled. For more information on recyclable items visit

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  1. It is better to use ceramic instead of plastic as it does not add the to unwanted waste that is also harmful for the environment. It is a good choice for everyday use.