Monday, November 7, 2016

Can I Recycle Vinyl Siding?

When most people think of recycling, products like aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and paper come to mind. Materials like vinyl begin to become more questionable as a recyclable item.

“Vinyl is not a natural substance but is a synthetic man-made material. It is a type of plastic that is made from ethylene (found in crude oil) and chlorine (found in regular salt). When processed, both the substances are combined to form Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, or as is commonly referred to - Vinyl.”

According to, “an informal survey conducted by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI), approximately six percent of the total weight of vinyl siding used each year at job sites is thrown away.” Based on the sheer number of pounds if vinyl siding shipped in the United Sates each year, millions of pounds of scrap are generated. This scrap material is available for recovery if construction companies and jobsite managers are conscientious enough to recycle it.

If you are a construction company, a project manager, or are a resident replacing the siding on your house or shed, please recycle your scrap vinyl material at your local recycling plant.


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