Monday, December 21, 2015

Are Empty Glue Bottles Recyclable?

Anyone who does any kind of craft or fix-it projects or has kids usually has a plethora of empty or half-empty glue bottles and sticks lying around the house. What can be done with these little bottles when they are no longer needed?

First, you can throw them into your regular trash. This may seem irresponsible to some but may be easier than finding a means of recycling them in most areas.

While glue bottles are usually made from plastic #1 or #2, they are generally not recyclable by conventional means.

With regards to Elmer’s glue, in particular, ”the special plastic used in Elmer’s glue products can only be recycled at designated recycling plants.” “Elmer's Glue Crew Recycling Program is making a difference by helping students and classrooms around the country save the planet by recycling glue bottles and sticks.”

The very best way to deal with empty glue bottles and glue sticks is to call your local recycling center to see if this is an item they accept. If not, you can collect them and send them to a specified recycling center near you who can deal with this type of material.

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