Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If It Is Single Stream Recycling, Why Are There Separate Bins At Drop-Off Centers?

Single Stream recycling, also called "Fully Commingled" or "Single Sort", is a process by which all recyclable items are collected together in a single truck instead of being separated into different bins by the depositor. The sorting processes in place then support the commingled materials and separate them into commodity types.
Borden Waste-Away Service, Inc. provides residential recycling that is Single Stream which is then picked up by a recycling truck. All of the recyclable commodities at this time are mixed until they are sorted at their company-owned recycling facility.

Recycling drop-off centers provided by Borden are also Single Stream recycling, but have a couple specific differences. They used to have more types of containers and a little more sorting involved but have now begun to be labeled as "Cardboard" containers and "ALL Other Recyclables" containers.

Customers having small residential amounts of cardboard can place it into the "ALL Other Recyclables" OR the "Cardboard" containers. We only have a separate container for cardboard because businesses tend to use them heavily after shipments and fill up the bins with cardboard. If we have dedicated containers for cardboard, they can be serviced by a truck ONLY picking up cardboard, which will then take it to a different conveyor line at Recycling Works where it is baled. This frees up the main conveyors from large cardboard when it can go in large quantities to a dedicated conveyor line.

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